Blown tire…

So we’re on our way to Beersheba, temperatures are HOT, and I just had pita bread for lunch (I freaking love pita), when all of a sudden our bus tire blows up with a loud bang. I was falling asleep too, so it made for a rude awakening. So now I’m bstranded on the side of a road in the middle of the Shephelah in Israel! Wish me luck, guys. How long before we have to start rationing our water, I wonder??


I’m back!(Sorry)

Yeah, so sorry for being gone for so long. I’m kind of in Israel right now, traveling all over and visiting all the historical sites. Currently en route to Nimrod Castle! I’ve made tons of new friends and am currently staying at En Gev. I’ll try and post again soon. Stay tuned!

Ready Player One?

Listen to this while reading to achieve maximum atmosphere!

Ok I’m so sorry, but I have to vent about this or my mind will shatter into a million multifaceted multicolored pieces. So once you’ve achieved maximum atmosphere we can continue.




Do these words ring a bell? If not, then you are a pathetic excuse for a human being and I have no idea what you’re doing on my blog.

…Just kidding, I love most of you! Ok back to the issue at hand. Ready Player One, for the heathens who don’t know, is a novel written by new author Ernest Cline. It was literally the first (published) book he ever wrote, and it was a dazzling hit that took readers by storm. Part of the reason for its success was its target audience, which was basically everyone. Here’s why: the book is a fiction adventure novel with maximum atmosphere about a dystopian future in which the world is falling apart due to nuclear wars and viruses, and the only escape available for those who have the money for it is the OASIS, a VR MMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, for those of you who really live under a rock). In the OASIS, you can be anything and anyone.

Since the fashion trends in the future of RP1 have defaulted back to the trends of the 1980’s, 80’s music, clothes, and slang are now the modern choice of living. Even before I continue, let me just say…how creative is that? Like who does that?

So basically, we’re talking about a massive ‘full dive’ 80’s-style video game with most of the entire worlds population as it’s loyal players. Sounds crazy, right?

The reason why Ready Player One is so fantastic is because it appeals to two massive audiences: gamers and middle-aged guys and gals, the latter of which is an unusual target for a teen adventure fiction story. Those two combined form a formidable reading pool that RP1 caters to perfectly by offering something that each of them understands perfectly, the nostalgia and atmosphere of the retro 80’s mixed with the ultramodern concept of virtual reality and massively multiplayer online gaming!

The movie is coming in March 29, 2018, which isn’t too far away, so lunge into your Deloreans and get ready to rock. And while I know that the movie will be awesome, especially since it’s being directed by freaking Steven Spielberg, I seriously encourage reading the book first. You know, the books are always better than the movies, etc.

Seriously though, I really appreciate the detail and effort Mr. Cline put into the book and I’m amazed at how captivating it was, and no matter how good the movie will be, there’s nothing as intricate and…intimate(?) as a good page-turning book. *takes deep breath*

Alright, I’m done. Sorry for the rant.

Oh and also, hit that follow button, because you know you have nothing better to do and it’s not like you have a limited supply anyway! Thanks in advance xD Have a great day.

Stairway to heaven

So me and my friend were checking out the back streets of Hongdae, Seoul for fun, yeah? We had just left the theater after watching The Best Showman (nice feel-good-and-pursue-your-unrealistic-dreams-ignore-reality movie, for the record), and we’re just kinda bored, looking for something to do. Lo and behold, we turn a corner and see this:


It looks like the rabbit hole to a gritty Blade Runner meets punk wonderland, and we were all over it. We gave each other this little “yo, you up for this?” look, and then nodded simultaneously. We descended the steep wooden steps with caution, half expecting a dude in a bunny costume to jump out and yell “YOU’RE LATE”, or something.

It didn’t happen, fortunately. What DID happen was a fun night in a dimly lit pub, lit up by sporadic strobe lights and loud rock music, all chased down by a Blue Moon beer. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend it for you adventurous folk traveling in the area. The name of the place is The Stairway. Look for it, you won’t regret it. Leave a follow and a like for more inside info on the sweetest pubs in Hongdae!


Hanging with elephants

Yeah, I got to ride an elephant! It was really fun, and I can’t believe I’m only just now writing about it, especially since I’ve been non-stop awake for more than 42 hours. Here’s a picture to prove myself in your cynical eyes!


There he is, in all of his handsome glory. The elephant only makes the picture better.

I can’t remember if I told y’all this, but I was in Thailand like a week ago, with some friends. I’ll be recounting what went down there, as well as some…interesting stories from my past. This picture was taken by a friend in some village somewhere, I can’t think right now. It might’ve been Chang Mai. I dunno.

I don’t want to be the only one talking though…let me know where you guys are from, where you’re going, and where you want to go!



So I just found out that the elephants used in the tourist industry are actually there illegally…and apparently they’re tortured as babies in order to ‘break their spirits’. Link here and here. I feel like even more of a terrible person now. Leave a like and a follow for more awfulness.

Seasons greetings

Alright, so this is my first post. I’m no stranger to WordPress or blogs, so this is easier than taking candy from Hellen Keller. The only difficult bit is getting views.

My preferred username is Rowder (r’owd’er), and I’m glad to meet you all and be re-integrated into the crazy vibrant WordPress blogging community.

But who am I, you ask? Well *chuckles* let me get to it. I’m an incredibly sexy 18 year old blond dude who likes reading, writing, and…I’m too lazy to type this, just read my suspect file.

I hope you guys will enjoy yourselves when visiting my site! I’ll try and post regularly on here, telling stories and keeping updates on what I’m doing, where I’m going, and what’s running through my handsome head.

Welp, that’s all I have for now! See you guys soon. Follow for more stuff!

Nice to be back 😉